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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Eat that filthy asshole!

I could not stop thinking about how much I loved filling Vanessa's asshole with cum last night.  I really could not believe she let me pound her ass for so long and as hard as I did.  It had me so horny tonight that I told Vanessa to make me eat her filthy asshole.

Vanessa instantly striped off her clothes and mounted me in a 69.  She  shoved her asshole forcefully onto my mouth.  Vanessa was sucking my cock while I was licking her pussy and asshole.  She started to spit all over my dick and smear it all over her wonderful tits.  It felt fucking great!

I began to tongue fuck both of her holes and out of nowhere, Vanessa sits up and spits all over my face.  Then, she sits back down on my face and smears it all around with her ass cheeks.  She said, "Eat that filthy asshole!"  I could not believe what kind of filthy slut Vanessa was behaving like!

She keeps spitting on my cock and starts to fuck her tits with my rock hard dick.  I could not take it, I blew my load into her mouth and she swallowed it all like the perfect slut that she is.