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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

3 in a row!

I asked Vanessa to make me a list of everyone that she had fucked or sucked in her lifetime.  It took her a while to get it all together, but once I saw the list, I was extremely turned on!  She even gave me details about a lot of the times she remembered getting fucked.

I told Vanessa that I wanted to eat her pussy while she continued to tell me about all the different guys she has fucked.  One story really stood out. 

Vanessa told me about a guy that came into her work and asked if she wanted to have a drink when she got off.  She agreed to meet up and they went and had a few drinks.  They ended upgoing to the guys apartment later that night and this is where is gets interesting.

I guess they were making out on the couch and she started to suck his dick.  He eventually stood up and told her to bend over the front of the couch.  I know that Vanessa loves doggy style so I can totally see her willingly bending over for it.  Here is what she said next...

"He yanked on my pants barely pulling them down.  I remember thinking about how my pussy wasn't even exposed and wondering what he was trying to do.  I reach back to pull my pants down further and he jams his dick all the way into my ass."

By this time, my cock is rock hard from hearing Vanessa talk about this.  I ask, "So he  just fucked you in the ass?"

Vanessa continues, "Yeah, three times.  He would just cum in me and keep on fucking."

I asked Vanessa why she didn't say no or stop him.  "He was already doing it and I didn't really want to stop him, so I just let him finish."

Vanessa told me how cum was leaking out of her asshole while she was driving home.  I then move down from eating her pussy and start to lick her ass.  I said, "His cum was dripping out of this asshole?"

She could tell that I was turned on from hearing about her getting fucked in the ass so she says, "Yes, and he pumped three loads of cum into it."

I could not take it any longer.  I smear some spit on my dick and shove it all the way up Vanessa's ass.  I fucked her and fast and hard as I could before pumping her ass full of cum.  I will try to get pictures of this next time it happens. :)