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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More fun than you know

Vanessa wanted to see how far she could shoot her butt plug out of her pussy.  Look at that fucking gape!

Then, Vanessa gets down to playing with some toys.  She plays with her pussy, fists herself, stuffs a beer can in her pussy and fucks some rubber fists and a double dong!

I felt like fisting her loose pussy and showing it to the world.

Looking down at the pussy, I knew I needed to fuck it.  I grabbed Vanessa's hips and pulled her down to the edge of the bed.  I took a couple of pictures and slid my cock in her loose hole.

spread legs meaty pussy

Vanessa had this bored look on her face, which I totally love.  Mainly, because I know after being fisted and using some of her huge toys, she can't feel my cock at all.  BUT, she still lets me fuck her. 

fuck the bored slut

True sign of a slut...she doesn't need to feel anything to let someone fuck her.

squeeze the bored sluts tit

I take this picture and tell Vanessa that I am going to cum on her beautiful face.

bored fucking slut

A perfect shot to the face!

mouthful of cum facial
cum swallowing slut facial cum slut

I think Vanessa is so beautiful when she has cum on her face!