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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Is there a limit?

I always love trying to push the limit when it comes to Vanessa being a slut.  Earlier she was fucking one of her huge dildos and her pussy was nice and stretched out. 

I thought I would take her outside and fuck her in the neighbor's parking garage.  It's not really hidden, anyone walking by would easily be able to see her getting fucked.

I first told Vanessa to show me her tits.

Vanessa didn't hesitate and willingly pulled her tits out.  I was turned on and told her to take her shorts off.

outdoor tit flashing
outdoor slut

Vanessa started feeling her tits and rubbing her pussy.  I could tell that the little slut wanted some dick, so I told her to turn around and bend over up against the cinder block wall.

I thrusted my cock all the way in her and pounded Vanessa from behind.

I told her to look back at the camera so everyone could see her slut face while she is getting fucked.

Vanessa was holding onto the wall for support while I was fucking her.

Vanessa gets on her knees and takes my load of cum on her face.  It was almost like a cum mustache lol.

facial cumshot

I then made Vanessa walk inside with cum dripping down her face while I took pictures.