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Thursday, June 4, 2015

First facial

I love when Vanessa tells me about the nasty shit she has done with guys in her past.  It turns me on hearing what a slut she has been over the years.

Tonight, I asked her when the first time someone came on her face.  This was her answer.

"I had tasted cum many times before from sucking dick since I was 14.  The first time someone came on my face was when I lost my virginity at age 16.  It was my boyfriend at the time and I had swallowed his cum tons of times sucking his dick.  He was fucking me and pulled out to cum.  I though he was going to cum in my mouth so I opened it waiting for his load.  He ended up jerking off all over my face."

So I had to ask her again just to be clear because I can't believe what I just heard.  I said, "So, he came on your face when you lost your virginity?"

Vanessa says, "He came on my face every time we had sex.  I thought it was normally where guys cum, so if I guy didn't cum on my face I thought they were weird.  I eventually learned to just tell guys to cum on my face because that's what I learned to love."

My mind was going in a thousand directions.  I love how I am not the only one to take part in grooming Vanessa into a slut.  I couldn't take it.  I slid my cock into her meaty, used, fuck hole and blasted her face with another load of hot cum.

vanessa facial cumshot slut

I love knowing that Vanessa has been having cum shot on her face for over 15 years!  That's a lot of fucking cum on her face!