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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bucket cunt goal

My plans for Vanessa's pussy is to turn it into a bucket cunt.  I want her pussy so loose that her inner cunt meat hangs out of her sloppy hole.  I have put together a list of some great bucket cunts that I admire and strive to make Vanessa's pussy like.

First up is Tori Baker AKA Terry Rief.  This bucket cunt was featured on  Draw your own conclusions about that.  I'm here to admire her huge pussy.

What I think is hilarious is that every video that I have seen her in, the male performers seem to skip fucking her pussy and go straight to plowing her ass.  I can understand why, I mean her pussy is fucking massive.  I'm 100% sure that she can't feel anything in her pussy so she just lets everyone fuck her in the ass.  Me personally, I would really enjoy sliding my cock in her pussy and not giving her any pleasure at all.

I have no idea where this next picture came from.  One thing I have concluded is that Kenny, is one lucky son of a bitch. 

I would fuck that loose hole multiple times a day.

I used to fuck a lady named Noreen who's pussy looked exactly like this one minus the hair.  I could EASILY double fist her and thoroughly loved fucking her loose hole.

This is a classic photo that I have seen around for years.  I think her name is Sophie or something close to that. 

I really love how her hole is just wide open, no spreading required.

O'pearl.  I'm not sure what to say about this legend.

Check out this classic O'pearl scene.

I don't know much about this lady other than her name is Raisa.  If I was forced to guess, I would say that she is a Russian prostitute that came into a webcam job and became popular because of her massive cunt.

The size of toys that she can fit into her pussy are fucking incredible for her tiny frame.

The thing that these sluts all have in common is that they have destroyed their cunt to the point of no return.  This is something that I plan on doing to Vanessa's pussy.  In this video, I fist the hell out of her meaty slut hole for ten minutes.

I love this slut!