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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vanessa close up with big toys

I love watching Vanessa destroy her meaty pussy with huge toys.  In this video, she uses three different giant  dildos.  Vanessa starts off with her Rambone, fucking her meaty pussy slowly and pulling it out to show off her pussy gape.

Next Vanessa moves to her Great American Challenge dildo.  It's a lot thicker than her Rambone and I love what it does to her big meaty pussy.  Vanessa fucks herself with it while using a vibrator on her clit.  I love when she pulls it out and her meaty pussy just stays wide open.  Vanessa then uses both hands and pulls her huge pussy wide open showing off her gaping hole.

Finally, Vanessa inserts her Bam dildo.  This one is a lot thicker than the previous two and really destroys her pussy.  I love seeing her huge pussy pulled open at the end!