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Friday, August 15, 2014

A flakey fuck

William was texting Vanessa tonight asking her for pictures.  They have been trying to hook up for a while but he lives kind of far away and is pretty flakey.  He does have a nice cock and isn't afraid to treat Vanessa like a slut, which I love. 

I mean, the first time William came over, he blew a huge load all over her face before leaving.  Then, three days later, he came over and pumped Vanessa's meaty pussy full of cum.  I especially love how he just kept fucking her until he shot another load all over her belly and chest.  His cum does taste good.  I know because I licked it off of her body and pussy!

So yeah, he's a flake, but that didn't stop me from having Vanessa send some enticing photos to him.

She first took a few selfies...I fucking love how hot her body looks!

Vanessa Cox selfie
Vanessa Cox nude selfie tits pussy
Vanessa Cox nude selfie tits pussy Vanessa Cox nude selfie tits pussy

Then, I told her to lay on the couch while I took a few more.

Vanessa Cox nude on couch
Vanessa Cox nude on couch

I hope William comes down to fuck her soon!