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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Later that night...

I just got done fisting Vanessa's meaty cunt after she stretched her pussy out with a bunch of huge dildos.  She took her wig off and walks out only wearing a bra and spreads her legs on the couch.

vanessa spreading her legs vanessa spreading her legs

I take one look at that pussy and bury my face in to it.  I make her spread it open so I can fuck her with my tongue.

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I then stand up and tell Vanessa to put my cock in her mouth.  She does exactly what I tell her like a good little slut.

Vanessa looks so good on her knees with a cock in her mouth.  I had to fuck her, so I told Vanessa to lay on the couch and spread her sexy legs.

vanessa waiting to get fucked

I love the look on her face when she has a cock inside her.

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I wanted to see Vanessa's tits, so she took off her bra.

vanessa the slut vanessa's tits

I was planning on blowing my load on Vanessa's face so I turned her so I could be a little easier when I was ready to cum.

vanessa getting fucked

I pull my cock out of Vanessa ready to cum on her face and she slides down the couch and puts my cock in her mouth.  Before I could even think about it, she was swallowing down my hot load like it is some kind of slut candy.

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