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Friday, November 15, 2013

Fuckbuddy sloppy seconds

Vanessa went over to see one of her guy "friends" aka fuckbuddy. I personally love when she fucks other guys and she knows it. 

Vanessa texts me saying that she is there and five minutes later she says, "His dick is in me!" I could not stop thinking about what a slut she is and how there was another dick in her tearing up her pussy. 

A half hour after she told me his dick was in her I get a text saying, "I swallowed! Coming home now!" I could not wait to have sloppy seconds! 

Vanessa walks in the door and instantly drops her pants and lays on the couch. She spreads her legs and pulls her shirt up to expose her wonderful tits. I fuck her on the couch and blow half my load on her face and the other half dripped down her body. I love sloppy seconds!