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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A late night surprise

Over a year ago I told you about Tim.  Tim works at a liquor store that Vanessa stops by on her way home from work.  She used to flirt with him, and send nude pictures trying to get him to fuck her.  You can see the pictures here, here, here, and here.

Roughly three weeks ago she goes in and he seems really sad and bummed out.  Apparently, he just broke up with his girlfriend.  Vanessa jokingly says, "I will fuck the sad out of you."  It was that day he started texting her back.

He told Vanessa how he has been wanting to take her up on her offer (fucking the sad out of him), but he was worried about me finding out.  She explained to him that it's ok if she fucks and from that point they seemed to be on the same page.

He asked her a picture which Vanessa happily sent.

He responds back with a few pictures of his own.

So for the past few weeks, when Vanessa goes into the liquor store, she tells me that she grabs his dick every chance she gets and lets him grab her tits and ass.  She hopes he takes a hint and takes her in the back to fuck her.  That has yet to happen, but we are hopeful.

Saturday night we were hanging out talking, wondering if this guy is ever going to want to fuck her.  I mean it's been three weeks and she has only got to grab his dick a dozen or so times.  Then, Vanessa says, "I want to see if Tim will come over when he gets off work."  OK!

She writes, "You want my pussy?...text me when you get off work."  I didn't think the guy would answer so late but sure as shit he wrote back.  He told Vanessa that he would text when he gets off and asked for our address.  She gave it to him and we waited.

An hour later, he says that he is on his way.  Vanessa took off all her clothes and put on just a robe.

I could tell she was a little nervous.  Hell, I was nervous for her lol!  Twenty minutes later he tells her that he is here.  She kisses me and tells me to stay in my room hahaha, then goes and answers the door.

I can only hear what is going on at this point.  They walk in the door and I can instantly hear kissing.  Shortly after, I hear the couch creak.  Vanessa says, "Do you mind recording this?  It's kind of our thing."  It gets quiet and I assume that she is sucking his cock.

Oh wait!  She is, and here is the video!

I remember hearing her say "fuck me" at the end of this video.  Five seconds later I hear the moan that tells me Tim just slid his dick into her.  I could hear the couch creaking and her moaning.  I tried to peek down the hall to see if I could see anything but I couldn't.

It seems to go by really fast but 30 minutes into it I tried to look down the hall again to see if I could see anything.  I first see her leg way up in the air.  I look a little further around the corner and see Tim pounding the fuck out of her on the couch.  My dick was so hard, I could not wait to fuck her!!!

Forty minutes into it, I hear Tim blow his load.  99% of me was hoping he shot it all over Vanessa's face, but I had my doubts.  They talk for a minute and he says he better get going lol!

The door closes and Vanessa walks down the hall and into our bedroom.  She has cum all over her tits and stomach.  I threw her down on the bed and rammed my cock into her as fast as I could.  I started sucking on her tits and ended up with a mouthful of cum.  She could tell that I liked it so she pushed my hips back and told me to lick her body clean.

I happily did as fast as possible so I could put my dick back in her.  I fucked Vanessa for a good hour while she was telling me how much she loved fucking Tim.  I absolutely love hearing that and it made me blow my load all over her sexy body.

We go back out on the couch and Vanessa hands me her phone and makes me watch the video of her sucking his cock.  My dick was instantly hard again!  I start kissing her and fondling her tits and she says to me, "I want him to know you are fucking me after he left, take pictures."

I was a little weary because she told Tim that I was asleep in the bedroom.  I think he was a little nervous about me being there and this is her way of letting him know it's ok if she fucks him.  So I take a couple pictures and send them to Tim.

Two days later, I'm writing this and I know that Vanessa and I both hope that he comes over again real soon!

The next day she told me exactly what happened because I could not really see much.  Here is her version.

Ok...So he came in, and we started kissing as he took off his coat.  I was undoing his belt and pants already.  He was feeling me on top of my robe, so I undid that and let it fall to the floor.  He seemed to be very impressed with my naked body and got hard right away.  I told him to have a seat, and got on my knees.  Before I started I asked if he minded video taping it, it's kind of our thing...He said sure.  So we started, I sucked his cock for a while, and then asked if he wanted to fuck me.  He said yes, so I turned off the camera and climbed on top of him...

I rode him for a bit, he kissed me and played with my tits, and sucked my nipples...then he wanted doggie, which was short.  I then flipped over on my back.  It was good and hard, felt nice, that's where he came, and when he did he shot all over my chest and belly...

My favorite was riding him on the couch and when I was on my back...His dick was not huge, but had a nice little curve that felt good inside me...After he came we drank some water lol, and then the dog started barking he said he should get going before the dog wakes you...

He gave me another big kiss, and headed out the door...

I love this woman so much!!!!!