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Saturday, October 20, 2012

What's My Name!

Last night Vanessa was texting Peter. They really only talk if it's about sex and hooking up, so it made me horny that she was making plans to get fucked. I kind of know Peter, so I text him asking if he wants to fuck Vanessa. He responds by telling me that she is talking dirty and teasing him, but she won't send any pictures. I thought it was hilarious to be honest.

An idea popped in my head to just go pull her pants off and take pictures for Peter, which is exactly what I did! I spread her pussy open so he could see her meaty pussy and all it's deliciousness.

I'm sending him all these pictures while taking them and he's texting me back telling me how much he loves it.

Then, Peter tells me to put my cock in her and make Vanessa call me his name while she is getting fucked. So I ask Vanessa, "You want to fuck Peter?" Vanessa tells me that they are trying to plan a time to hook up. I ask Vanessa, "Do you want to fuck him right now?" She looks at me and says, "I would if he were here."

 I start to slide my dick into her and say, "He's right here baby, Fuck him." At first she didn't get it, but after a minute I tell her to call me Peter. Hearing her moan out his name really turned me on and I pounded her cunt as hard as I could.

 I started to pull her hair and Vanessa loves it! She started to get into it calling me Peter more and more and saying, "Fuck me with your big cock! Fuck me HARD!"

 This had me ready to pop and I shot my huge load all over her face. Vanessa gladly slurped it all up and wanted more! I love this woman!!!