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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Number 46

Vanessa and I were talking a few days earlier about how many dicks she thinks she has had in her mouth. She started out by saying twenty or more, which shocked me, I thought it would be more.  Then, she said 28 and maybe a few more.

A few, I'm thinking three.  Either way it didn't seem like a lot.  So I ask her how many is a few...Vanessa said to give her a little more time to think and she would count all of them up.  I explained that if it was only a few then to not worry about it.

A minute later she says,"Well it might be like fifteen!"  Vanessa said that the total she can remember is 43.  Then, I find out that does not include me or her boss Alan.  So I'm number 45!

Vanessa continued to tell me how 30+ of those she sucked at least ten times, and a dozen of them, a few hundred times!  I needed to do the math haha!

So 45 total cocks have been in her mouth.  12 of which have been sucked off at least 300 times.  3600 so far...and I am assuming the minimum, I mean she has blown me over 500 times but I am keeping myself counted as one in the 300 category.   Next, 30 guys times 10...Alan fits in this section, but she has blown him over 40 times so you can see how accurate this is lol.  3900, oh wait +3 for the 3 extra guys for a grand total of 3,903 blowjobs that Vanessa has given.  Infuckingcredible!

Two days later, Vanessa gets a text from a guy, Mike.  They met on the internet and have talked a few times.  He lives out of town but is around quite often.  He asks her if she was free this afternoon, she said maybe and asks when he was free.  Instantly, she started talking about sucking cock and how she wanted to suck me and him off.  Vanessa told me that he is coming over after 3pm and that she told him I was not home.  I really didn't know what to say.

For the next four hours I get teased by her mouth sucking me, telling me how she is going to suck another guys cock. So many times I was close to shooting my hot load in her mouth but she would stop just soon enough to where I didn't.

Mike texts her a little after 3pm while my cock was in her mouth.  She has her phone right next to her, looks at it, then passes it to me.  With my dick in her mouth, Vanessa tells me to give him directions to our house and that I am going to film it!

So I'm texting this guy for Vanessa while she is sucking my cock.  Just so he can come over because she wanted to suck his cock!?

Minutes later, there is a knock at the door and Vanessa tells me to go into the bedroom and keep quiet while I film.  She answers the door, sits him on the couch, and just starts sucking his dick.

The whole time I was trying to watch and film and not be seen. Which was not so easy!  My cell phone rang so the video was kind of cut short.  Believe me though, Vanessa was telling him how much she loved sucking his cock and swallowed his load.  After ward she said yummy! LOL I love this slut!