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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Introducing Peter

Vanessa was at work, a usual day.  Out of the blue she texts me saying that she got a message from this guy from her old job.  He texted saying that he found nude photos of her on the work computer.  We both had a chuckle about it, I mean she fucked her boss and fooled around with a few guys while there.  So it was not exactly unexpected that pictures showed up.

His name was Peter.  We joked about him finding the picture throughout the week.  Vanessa told me how he was so innocent and that he was a choir boy at his church.  She already fucked around with a few guys at her last job, so we laughed that the quiet, innocent one found the picture of her.

Over the next few days she brought him up a lot.  Vanessa told me how he was clean and is kind of a nerd.  She said how nice Peter was, always respectful, and overall was shy and quiet for the most part.  I knew she was trying to build my confidence up because she wanted to fuck him.  I let it play out to see what would happen.

They would text each other talking about how he always used to check her out at work and how he always wanted to fuck her.  She would tease him with pictures, which I found to be slutty and hot

She started off with a picture of her in a bra...

And moved to showing off her meaty pussy...

Then more tits!

Vanessa went on telling Peter about how she loves to get fucked and needs to several times a day.  She talked about how she fucks her toys all the time when she can't get real dick inside of her.  

He seemed shocked, excited, and turned on while realizing that if he plays his cards right, Vanessa will let him fuck her.  Keep in mind he is shy and has never had anything like this before.

A night or two later, Vanessa was relaxing on the couch texting Peter.  It was late, after 11 for sure. Vanessa texts me saying, "I want this inside of me!" 

Attached is the picture below.

It was late and I didn't know what to say, so I asked, "Now?"  Vanessa replied with, "YES!!! I AM HORNY!!"  She said how she wanted to get her pussy fucked and torn up by his dick, and that she wanted to use him for a cum donation!

LOL! What a dirty girl!  Then, Vanessa said she was going to come home and make me fuck her.  I didn't want to deny the slut from what she wanted, so I told her to have fun!

Vanessa told him she was on her way over with no panties on.  I got a text from her saying that she was there and would be home smelling like sex after she gets what she wants from him.

I had no idea what she was doing or when she would be home and it excited me!  I knew that Vanessa was out using Peter for his dick and at the same time she was getting used too.  She loves it and so do I!

Twenty three minutes later, Vanessa texts me that she is on her way home.

I asked her, "How was it?"

She replied with, "It was short. Lol but I am sure it was cause he has not had sex in a while, and I have a pretty tight pussy."

She continued to tell me what happened...

Well I went over there and sat on the couch for a minute and he kissed me. We kissed for a little, then he took my shirt off and started sucking my nipples. He played with my nipples for a minute with his tongue before taking my pants off. Then he kissed down to my pussy and started licking and sucking it.  I loved it!

I could not contain myself, so I made him stand up. I pushed his shorts to the floor and put his cock in my mouth. After getting him nice and hard he slid his dick into me, and fucked me while grabbing my tits. He asked a couple times if I really left you at home while I came to fuck him. Every time I said yes, and he seemed to get more and more excited!

He asked me if I liked a good pounding and of course I said yes! Then he pulled me off the couch and took me doggy style. Sliding his dick in me and fucking me hard.   I said. "harder!" and told him to pull my hair and spank me. He asked if I liked to be a dirty little slut.   I said, "FUCK YES!", and begged him to pull my hair and make me his naughty little slut. So he did. :)

He asked do you like that? And i said "Yes."  He said you want me to treat you like a dirty little girl?  I said, "Yes!" He said like a slut? I said "YES! MAKE ME YOUR DIRTY LITTLE SLUT!!!"  So he pounded me harder as I told him I wanted his cum in my mouth.

He pulled out and shoved his dick down my throat before unloading his cum in my mouth. Most of it slid down my throat before i could pull his dick back and catch it all in my mouth.

I told him we would have to do this again soon. Kissed him and left.

Then, Vanessa told me that Peter's dick was "kinda skinny, pretty long, and yummy. It felt good in my mouth and pussy!"

I wonder what...or who she will do next...