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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sloppy kitchen blowjob

Vanessa sucking my cock in the kitchen and playing with my cum using a spoon.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Outdoor whore

There is a college party going on a few doors up so I take Vanessa outside and make her strip her clothes off.  She walks down the alley and ends up in the parking garage next door.

She is standing there completely naked and says, "Are you going to fuck me or what?"

Or course I am going to fuck you slut!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

11th load of the day

Today has been one hell of a day!  Vanessa fucked William on the couch and he came inside of her four times before blowing his last load all over her face.

Right after he left, I got sloppy seconds.  I have fucked her four times so far today and she just got done telling me what happened while he watched the video of her fucking William.

Vanessa was laying on the couch naked and I started taking pictures of her pussy that William fucked.

huge meaty pussy
meaty pussy lips

I had to slide my cock in her and fuck her slut pussy another time.  This is the 11th time today that her pussy has gotten a cock off.

I love this slut!

Cum shooting machine

The first time Vanessa fucked William, he blew his load on her face after two minutes and six seconds of fucking.  Three days later, he comes over to fuck Vanessa and pumps her pussy full of cum in 39 seconds.

His track record suggests that he blows his load really fast which isn't a problem at all.  The more cum his cock spits on Vanessa, the better.

I sit Vanessa down and we start watching the video.  I can't wait to have her point out exactly when William came inside of her!

We skipped ahead to where William started fucking Vanessa and this is where she starts.  

37 seconds into it @ 3:03 Vanessa says, "There, he is cumming in me."

@ 3:10 I feel it in me and say, "Awe yeah."  He laid there in recovery mode for a little and that's when I told him to just "squirt it where ever and keep going."

I could tell he was still recovering because he was just sitting there with his cock in me. 

He eventually starts fucking me again and @ 4:12 he is pumping more cum into my pussy.  I feel it @ 4:18 and pull him into me so he cums really deep in me.

He fucks me in short 5-10 second bursts and cums in me again @ 5:49.  I was so horny that he just came in me three times in a few minutes, so I grab his head and pull him down to kiss me.

My pussy was completely soaked with cum and I wanted him to fist me using his cum as lube so @ 7:35 I tell him to "use his hand."  He didn't understand and just kept fucking me so I told him to "get his fingers in me too."  He had four fingers in me and his cock at the same time!

He fucks me for a while and cums in me again @ 10:21.

Finally he cums on my face @ 18:11.  I could not believe how big his load was especially after cumming four times!

So four creampies and one facial later, Vanessa is a bigger slut than she was yesterday.  HAHA!

It continues...

So far today, Vanessa fucked William, then right after he left, I got sloppy seconds

When I was done fucking her, we jumped into the shower to cool off.

I fucked her again when we were getting out of the shower and came all over her face. 

Then roughly an hour later on the couch, and again like twenty minutes later over the kitchen counter.

Later on, we were talking, and I asked Vanessa when William came inside of her.  I mean, I tasted and smelled cum when I first started eating her pussy after William left,

It went down like this...
Me: When did he cum in you?
Vanessa: When he wasn't cumming on my face haha!
Me: How many times did he cum on your face?
Vanessa: Only one time at the end
Me: ...ok?
Vanessa: Look I don't know how many times he came in me, it was at least 2 times
Me: In twenty minutes?
Vanessa: He's like a cum shooting machine! I don't know.  I felt it from the start and it was too late to stop him by then, so I just let him keep fucking and cumming in me because it felt good.

I didn't know what to say.  At this point I just want to watch the video and see when Vanessa is saying that he came inside her pussy.