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Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Are You Hungry For?

I get home from work and the first thing Vanessa says to me is that her old boss Alan is stopping by to talk to her about something.  I didn't really question her because it's not uncommon for him to stop by. Not to mention, she was bleeding so I was certain nothing would happen.  Ten minutes later he drives up and Vanessa turns to me and tells me to stay out of sight.  Instant hard-on!

Vanessa lets him in and they make their way to the living room.  I can see both of them and hear everything that is being said.  Vanessa asks Alan what he needed to talk about and he responded by asking where I was.  She tells him that I am not home from work yet and should be home in roughly ten minutes.

"Ten minutes?...oh." he said.  I could hear the disappointment in his voice and Vanessa did too.  She stepped closer and kissed him while rubbing his cock through his pants saying, "It's ok."  Then, Vanessa pushes him back on the couch, takes her shirt off, and drops to her knees.

vanessa sucking Alan's cock

I could not see much at this point, but I knew the second his cock was in her mouth because I heard Alan let out a huge sigh of relief.  For the next few minutes, I can see the back of her head bobbing up and down and hearing them both moan with pleasure.  Every short while I see a flash of the camera go off.  What a wonderful woman!  Part of me wanted to just walk out there and start fucking her from behind while she was sucking him off lol!

After a few minutes they become talkative, which was really hot!  I mean, Vanessa has fucked or sucked Alan over 50 times, but I have never really known what kind of sexual relationship they have. Mainly, because I have never been there to see it, so this was interesting.

Alan starts out my asking, "When was the last time you have been fed?"  Vanessa, still with his cock in her mouth says, "Mmmmmmm...this morning."

Her answer made me realize what was being discussed.  Being fed cum is what they were referring to because she sucked my cock to wake me up for the day.  I see Alan reach down to grab her tits and she sits up and lowers her bra straps so he could get a better feel.  Alan then says, "You are a hungry girl aren't you?"  Vanessa replies with an enthusiastic, "Always!"

"What are you hungry for?" He asks.  Vanessa deepthroats him and comes up saying, "Fill my mouth with cum baby...make me eat it."

I am half stroking my cock at this point.  I always knew she loves a hot load down her throat, but this was not what I expected.  This was a LOT better!

The pace picks up and I can tell he is about to erupt in her mouth.  Then I hear Vanessa, "MMMMMMmmmmmhhhhmmmmmmmmmm,"  while the flash goes off a few times.  I love how she manages to get the shots when cum is actually filling her mouth!

vanessa getting a mouthful of hot cum
vanessa getting a mouthful of hot cum

Vanessa lets Alan up and walks him to the door.  In the back of my mind I was thinking that they forgot to have their little talk, LOL!

After I hear the door close I come out into the living room.  Vanessa walks over to me and licks my lips. Her breath was completely taken over by sperm cells.

She pushes me back on the couch and drops to her knees.  I looked around for the camera but sadly, I  didn't see it.  A few minutes later, I ask, "What are you hungry for?"